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Consulting Services For Older, Established, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Jay Vics Teaches Digital Marketing


What’s Important, What Does All This Mean, How Do I Do It?

Through my specially designed tutorial sites, HowTo.Agency and SubscribeStage.com, along with regular workshops, webinars and social media events, I will help you learn the basics of digital marketing.

Learning Digital Marketing


Finding Your Audience, Strategic Planning, and Defining Expectations

I dive into your business to revolutionize your copy, offers, and uncover the gaps in the customer journey. I do this through a half-day bootcamp style workshop. You will come away from this experience with a renewed hope and a clear vision for your company.

Fractional CMO Jay Vics


Implementation, Investing, Measuring, and Scaling

Now that you have a strategy, are intimately familiar with your audience, and know what numbers to track, it’s time to build your marketing team to implement and execute on your strategy. Jay will act as your “Fractional CMO” and build your team to achieve success.

What Do I Teach?

I work with business owners on understanding their ideal customer and how to turn them from stranger to raving fan. We also do a lot on measuring and optimization. We release videos on these subjects often on our YouTube and social channels.

My Services

Just want to pick up some tips? Want to learn how to implement digital marketing in your business? Maybe you would like to be a guest on our web series. Or maybe you just need someone to help you with this technology, graphics, website, or branding. Well, I am happy to help!







Fractional CMO

Web Series


About Jay Vics

Certified Digital marketing professional

Jay is a serial entrepreneur. He started his agency as a “side Hustle” in 2012 and just celebrated his 10th anniversary by growing that side hustle into a full time agency focused on consulting, coaching and fulfillment. From 2020 – 2024, Jay was a Certified Partner with world-renowned DigitalMarketer of Austin, Texas, making him one of the world’s most sought after business growth specialists.

 Jay’s is focused on growing Greensboro businesses in addition to the nationwide companies they currently help. Ask him how your business can get a free video interview you can use in your marketing!

Fractional CMO | Jay Vics

Companies I’ve Partnered With

Connect365 Partner
Connect365 Partner

Jay is ABSOLUTELY the guy to GO to for your marketing needs! He is extremely resourceful and very tech oriented to get RESULTS! Can’t wait to see what he has in store to drive our business forward!

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Unsure what to make of all of this new Digital Marketing Jargon? Let me help you reach your goals.